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Special Economic Zones

Special Economic Zones are transforming into the Polish Investment Zone.

In 2018, the Polish Investment Zone (PIZ) was introduced by law as a new instrument to support companies investing in their development. The intention behind these solutions was to expand the activities of the existing Special Economic Zones. Thanks to the new regulations, companies operating in any location throughout Poland can recover up to 70% of their investment costs. The program allows investors to be exempt from CIT/PIT tax for a period of 10, 12, or 15 years and covers micro, small, medium, and large companies, including newly established entities.

Leader in the voivodeship

We are the first company in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship to receive the Ambassador Certificate of the Polish Investment Zone, awarded by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE). This distinction confirms the high quality of documentation prepared by MSP Invest and the efficient cooperation between MSP Invest advisors and PSSE staff.

We offer support at every stage of applying for tax exemptions and during investment implementation. The standard process of obtaining the Support Decision takes approximately 5-8 weeks, but with good cooperation with the accounting services of our clients, we are often able to shorten this time to as little as 3 weeks. Therefore, the commencement of investment implementation can happen very quickly.


A good alternative to EU grants.

The advantage of the Polish Investment Zone program is its simpler and shorter procedure for obtaining support compared to EU grants. We recommend introducing the Investor to the Zone especially in cases where the investment project, due to its nature, does not allow for obtaining grant support (e.g., lack of innovation aspect).

The experience of the MSP Invest team allows for a quick assessment of the possibilities of obtaining tax exemptions and outlining the optimal path of the application process to the Special Economic Zone. Through collaboration with clients, we verify all necessary documents and information, and establish the necessary criteria to meet the program’s requirements. We prepare documentation that meets all formal requirements, helping entrepreneurs avoid mistakes, thereby increasing the chances of a positive assessment and expediting the issuance of the Support Decision.

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