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Specialists in Corporate Investment Financing

MSP Invest, a company established in 2008, has been dedicated to providing business advisory services tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the very beginning. We assist our clients in determining the optimal financial structure for their planned investments and subsequently effectively secure funding from non-commercial sources.

In order to stand out in the industry and achieve a competitive advantage, we have made a decision to specialize in a narrow range of services. Our expertise lies in advising on the acquisition of public funding, including European Union grants, EU loans, and tax exemptions within Special Economic Zones. These are the most cost-effective sources of co-financing for corporate investment processes such as building production facilities, purchasing machinery, or implementing research and development projects. We intentionally chose not to handle training projects and competitions for local government units, as this allowed us to deliver exceptional service quality, which directly translates into the effectiveness of our operations.

Thanks to our adopted strategy, MSP Invest has gained the status of a specialized firm solely focused on advising on the financing of business development projects. Our team of advisors has successfully secured funding for over 350 different investment projects, totaling over PLN 600 million.

Years of experience gained from implementing projects for clients from various industry sectors have allowed us to develop highly effective collaboration procedures. We understand that the key to success lies in a thorough understanding of the client’s operations and needs. With our rich experience and extensive knowledge of non-commercial funding sources, we are able to prepare an optimal financial structure for investments, considering not only their cost but also time.

The key advantages of partnering with MSP Invest are:

  • Effective collaboration at every stage of project preparation and implementation
  • High success rate with positive evaluations of applications
  • Elimination of formal errors and decisions that have adverse effects during and after project implementation

Currently, the most popular source of funding is European Union grants. We have extensive experience in this field and have successfully obtained grants for several years. However, it is important to note that not every project is suitable for grant applications. Lack of innovative characteristics usually disqualifies an investment from being eligible for grants. In such cases, EU loans can be a helpful alternative. This form of co-financing for business investments is interesting because it is cheaper than commercial financing. Additionally, the project requirements are generally lower compared to grants.

Another way for a company to benefit from its investment project is by submitting it to one of the Special Economic Zones. We assist entrepreneurs in obtaining refunds of up to 70% of their investment costs. Simplified procedures and flexible guidelines have made this type of support increasingly popular among our clients. Our high competence and the quality of our prepared documentation have been recognized by the management of the Pomorskie Special Economic Zone, who awarded us the first Ambassador Certificate of the Polish Investment Zone in the province.

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